Two Beauty Products To Get Your Autumn Glow

‘Our mission is to help humans live healthy lives with the help of herbal remedial solutions.’

I had never heard of Khadi 6 months ago but I am so glad I came across them! Ever since I have started using Tropic skincare I have really jumped on the bandwagon of natural products and this brand could not be any more natural!

Khadi is really quite special; let me tell you why! The owners of Khadi spent many years in India learning about the ancient knowledge of Ayurvedic.They found that thousands of years ago India’s great sages compiled together hundreds of herbs, combining them with oils to heal and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Khadi products have been based on the most ancient teachings of this practice which essentially goes back to a tradition which is pure and handmade by incorporating the most ancient principles in the world.

By merging their knowledge of skin and hair care with this most ancient knowledge of herbs and oils, they have been able to create 100% effective natural beauty products. Khadi will only use purely herbal ingredients from the best growing areas in India so rest assured when using Khadi, you are putting the very best on your skin.

With 8 oils in total, one to suit every single skin type, I have been using two face and body oils from the skin oil range for the last few months.

I’ve mostly been using the rose Ayurvdeic face and body oil; not only because it smells so heavenly but this one is for all skin types so it’s a great all rounder! It contains a blend of nourishing and hydrating oils to soothe and revitalise the skin. With Palmarosa oil to help balance the production of sebum, Jamrosa oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and Geranium to help with acne and reduce inflammation, this oil really does do everything!

The formula is lightweight which means it not only quickly absorbs into the skin but there is no greasy residue some oils leave you with. For me it is nourishing enough without a moisturiser but if my skin feels really dry I will put one over the top! When using this product it feels so luxurious and I think the scent of the oil really plays a big factor in this! If I close my eyes when massaging it in I feel as though I’m having some kind of relaxing spa indulgence; which is what we all want when taking the time to pamper ourselves isn’t it!?

The Viola Ayurvedic face and body oil is one I’ve been reaching for when getting out of the bath or before bed to put all over the body since it contains relaxing and soothing properties to help you unwind.

Designed for ‘normal skin’, it contains essential oils such as ylang ylang which has been proven to have a calming effect which would explain why I’ve really been sleeping a lot better since using this. After using this the night before,  I always wake up with skin silky soft. The Viola which contains anti-inflammatory properties has also been helping with my dry patches as it helps to cool the skin down and reduce redness. A life saver for anyone suffering with eczema.

These oils have been an amazing addition to my skin care – Especially since going into the autumn season as my skin has felt a lot drier and needed more hydration than ever! I feel as though I will be relying on these a lot more through out the winter to maintain my glow!

Have you ever heard of Khadi natural beauty products!? Let me now if you have added any products into your autumn skin care routine and if you’ll be trying these in the comments below! 🙂

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