How To Style a Gilet for Spring?


A Girls Best Friend…

That’s how I would describe a gilet – with its versatility and alluring charm there’s something about a gilet I can’t resist! It’s often said that a gilet can make you look bigger than you actually are but find the right fit and it can flatter you in so many ways.

During the transitional months, a gilet is my most worn piece in my wardrobe – they provide that extra layer of warmth in ways in which a coat provides too much. The perfect solution to the to cold to hot situation. But how do you style it I hear you cry, well I’ll tell you.

Make a statement

Similar to a coat, a gilet will be the first thing people will see of your outfit which means it’s a great way to make a statement. Whether you opt for a bold and bright colourful gilet or you decide to keep the gilet simple and make a statement with your sleeved top underneath or even play around with different textures like I have here, the gilet is a great way to show off your style and have fun with it.

Keep the rest of your outfit simple yet see what works

The above takes me to my next point… while you can go as statement as you like, it means keeping the rest of your outfit simple and elegant. I’ve chosen to pair this very blush pink gilet with neutral tones since this gilet from Club Monaco is all about its texture. The feathered material adds another dimension bringing it to life. Nevertheless don’t be afraid to experiment and to find out what works as a grey gilet would look fab with a subtle floral print underneath. Just don’t go to OTT.

Wear as many layers as necessary

Come this time of year, end of February, March we are craving warmer temperatures and lighter layers so it’s tempting to put your big coats away before we should. If that’s the case, grab your gilet and throw it over the top of as many layers as necessary – thermals, vests, two or three thin jumpers. As long as you don’t wear anything too bulky which is going to turn you into the Michelin man as no one wants that, you’ll look stylish but keep warm!

Always pair a gilet with sleeves

Technically, my next style tip is personal preference but I am yet to find someone who can make a gilet work with a sleeveless top, t-shirt, or any top without long sleeves basically. The contrast of a faux fur, heavy gilet is too much against bare arms and they work against each other to create an unflattering silhouette.

Experiment with different textures

The year of 2017 really saw the high-street adopt the gilet and made it one of its own. From faux fur, shearling material and feathers to suede, leather and wool, you name it we saw them all. By opting for a gilet with a slightly unusual texture not only will you stand out from the crowd of gilet wearing people, but you immediatly change the vibe of your outfit. Going for an edgy slightly cooler look, opt for a leather gilet. On the other hand if you want to feel girly and feminine, opt for either faux fur or feathers. Experimenting with textures is such an easy but effective way to change up your outfit.


What do you think about the gilet? If you have any more styling tips I’d love to read them in the comments below! xoxo

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