5 Tips for the Perfect Sunday Morning

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It’s that time of the week again. Finally you get to lay in bed as long as you please and just relax. Well that’s what Sundays are supposed to be for but in a 24 hour world, we all seem to have something in the back of our mind that we think we should be doing. Whether it’s cleaning the house, cutting the grass, doing the food shop or even catching up with old friends, there’s always something. And if we aren’t doing that something we feel guilty for relaxing and taking some time out for ourselves. This makes ‘me time’ even more important because it’s good physically and mentally to take a break and recharge those batteries. Here are my tips to make Sunday the perfect lazy one…

Do not set that dreaded alarm…

Every week night I set two dreaded alarms for the following morning which seems to come around far too quickly. I mean who else feels as though they only set their alarm only half an hour before waking up? Whether you’re an early riser or one who will sleep way past noon, you will feel so much better for waking up naturally without an alarm; refreshed, energised and you’ll feel more positive about the day ahead.

Make the biggest and greatest breakfast in bed…

There is nothing I like more than having breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning with either my favourite fashion magazine, a good book or box set on the TV.  Dippy eggs with my favourite artisan bread from Gradz Bakery, pancakes with raspberries and blue berries, croissants, toast, I like to have the whole shebang. Of course it’s not all for me, Scott is partial to a pancake or two but we like to keep it as healthy as possible. To do this we turned to Gradz Bakery, we first discovered them a couple of weeks ago during our first Ocado order when we were looking for a natural alternative to traditional bakery products. We were lucky enough to be able to sample a whole range of the different types of bread. From Spirulina & Pumpkin Seed Bread to Oats and Flax Sourdough, Gradz Bakery, the winner of last year’s World Bread Awards, is truly on another level. Not only are there no preservatives or bakers yeast added making it 100% natural and easier to digest but it is hand crafted which gives it that home made feel and we all know how good home made bread is.

[pipdig_left][/pipdig_left] Enjoy the most relaxing bath…

Even if you’re not a bath person, you definitely need to incorporate a relaxing soak into your lazy Sunday morning. A quick shower just doesn’t cut it on the weekend. I could easily lay in the bath for an hour or two but I know it’s time to vacate when I’ve shrivelled up and wrinkled. Light a candle or two, dim the lights, make sure to add your favourite bubble bath or get out that luxurious bath bomb you’ve been saving, now is definitely the time to use it. I am a huge bath lover and I’m often asked what on earth I do in there. Well my guilty pleasure is to put Netflix on and watch Gossip Girl… I know, I know, cliche much but I also love to read in the bath as it’s such a nice way to unwind and truly relax.

Wear your comfiest pyjamas…

In the last couple of months, I’ve really been enjoying purchasing sumptuous lounge wear. Even though I only wear them around the house, it’s nice to feel comfy and cosy without looking like a complete slob. When it comes to pyjamas, Primark are my absolute go to, if you like to change them up as much as me, you really can’t go wrong with Primark’s lounge wear collection. This 3 piece set I’m wearing was under £30 yet looks so luxurious in a pink satiny finish, with it’s lace detail and millennial pink colour I’m obsessed and they are definitely a fabulous dupe for the Olivia Von Halle pair and yet a fraction of the price.

Settle down for a movie marathon…

Last but not least and quite possibly my favourite thing to do for the perfect lazy Sunday, settle on the sofa for a movie or box set marathon. Have you been wanting to get started on the latest craze, then there is no better time than now. Pull the curtains closed, (I don’t know why you would have opened them) set the ambience with a few candles, bring through your duvet, choose your favourite sweets and  get comfy. If you haven’t watched Suits, Designated Survivor or Grace and Frankie, you need to get cracking.


What is your idea of the perfect Sunday morning? Let me know in the comments below! xoxo


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