When To Invest In Luxury Accessories

When To Invest In Luxury Accessories….

It’s no secret that when it comes to my wardrobe, luxury accessories are up their with the best of things. Not only do I reach for them on a daily basis or pair them with a multitude of outfits, there is nothing like that exhilarating feeling of purchasing a luxury bag or watch to make you feel truly fabulous. I’m a complete sucker when it comes to investing in luxury accessories, but in fact I always buy an affordable alternative first to see how much use I’ll get out of it. That’s the great thing about the high street, it allows you to save your pennies first and see how much it’s really worth parting with your well earned cash.

One of my go to accessories that I will always invest in is a watch and since it is an item I use so often there is never a wrong time to take the plunge. When purchasing a watch, I look for elegance and class as I want it to suit my feminine style; With this in mind, I look to watches by JORD

If you invest in one thing this season, make it a luxury wood time-piece by JORD. Oh yes you read that right, a watch made from wood. It may seem a strange material from which to craft a watch but what sounds like the complete opposite of luxury is in fact the epitome of elegance. Unique and minimal, JORD has created designs unlike any other, a reason alone to invest in the classic yet modern styles. For me, I usually opt for a smaller watch as I’ve always felt bigger styles are too bulky and awkward for my feminine taste but as soon as I first laid eyes upon the Frankie purple heart and plum style I knew this was one for me.[pipdig_left][/pipdig_left]
Decorated in a warm pink colour, the wooden time piece lends for a beautiful look and adds luxury, elegance, glamour and femininity all to one outfit at once. Having a watch that looks beautiful is my number one priority but knowing that Jord watches are not only hand crafted with natural woods but also that the company value sustainability, efficiency and experimental living really means you can wear your luxury time piece with pride. 

A natural watch most certainly doesn’t mean simple as Jord’s Frankie watch creates a stunning blaze of colour and it offers all the technicality of traditional designs including a self-winding, automatic movement and skeleton dial. While the face may be uncomplicated, it means it doesn’t take away from its main focus – the colour in motion. I am obsessed with the colour pink, I just feel it sums my personal style in one and when wearing the Frankie Purpleheart and plum time-piece I am always confident it will elevate my outfit and speaks to who I am. The Frankie watch may not do that for you but one of Jord’s many time pieces most certainly will as each one represents something different.

A wooden watch may sound strange but in recent years they have been over looked, the fact they are largely natural is the greatest point of difference as they’ll age and weather over time, adding uniqueness and character to it. To make your watch even more personal, you can get it engraved; whether it’s for yourself or a gift, a few words which mean something to you or someone else can really add that extra touch.

With so many look-a-likes and affordable alternatives it’s hard to know what pieces to invest your money in. My biggest tip would be to invest in classic pieces you know you’ll wear over and over! Don’t be fooled by fast fashion and spend your money on trend led items, however beautiful they may be, you more than likely won’t be wearing them next year! Accessories such as watches are a great category to invest in because not only can you wear them all year round, year after year, but they transform an outfit you thought was pretty average into an outfit that everyone thinks is fabulous.

If you’re looking for an elegant and modern style but with that classic feel, the Frankie series is the perfect collection as not only does it do this with it’s look but also with how it feels. It’s straight line strap offers comfort so you’ll be able to wear it all day long.

Not only is a watch one of the most practical investments you could make, it is also one of the most special as a watch is personal to each and everyone of us. That’s why it’s great to treat ourselves or perhaps hint to a partner, Mum or Dad,  as it will always be you go to accessory. I have a few different watches to suit my mood and style and each one changes the outfit; whether it adds a touch of luxury, a touch of sparkle or even a touch of colour, it can elevate your outfit in seconds and a wood watch by Jord does it best. 

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What do you think of the timeless wooden watch – Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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