The Floral Dress For Summer


The Floral Dress is one piece of clothing I look forward to wearing every single summer. Whether it’s a brightly coloured print or soft pastels, a floral dress is a summer staple in any wardrobe. Whatever your style you can adapt it to fit your own, dress it up or dress it down, a floral dress is one of the most versatile pieces you could ever own.

If  you’ve been following me for a while you will know I am a huge fan of florals – floral tops, floral skirts, floral shoes and floral dresses are my go to. They’re so easy to wear yet they are still extremely stylish.

If you shop regularly on the high-street you would have noticed that florals are again everywhere to be seen. That’s one of the great things about them; you can buy a floral dress knowing that you can wear them year after year since they never go out of style. There are always new ways to wear them and this year the high-street are taking floral prints and matching them with new trends to make them feel fresh and exciting.

This floral dress from Dorothy Perkins is the epitome of dashing glamour. A light floaty dress meets floral prints with beautiful frills for a modern take on a vintage style; perfect for garden parties, date night or even a day at the races. It has the perfect combination of pink, red and green to keep it fun and feminine. When choosing a floral dress consider the size and colour of the print. Larger flowers are more flattering for petite body types where as small floral prints like the one I am wearing work on average sizes. For shapely body sizes, stay away from oversized floral patterns as these will make you appear bigger than what you really are.

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Floral dresses are inherently feminine but if you want to stay away from this look or just tone it down, choose patterns in colours you feel comfortable in and which reflect who you are. To create an edgier look, simply add a black leather jacket over the top to create the epitome of  ‘cool’ – this will pair the look back and instantly make it feel less girly.

Whether you’ve chosen a big or small floral print dress there is so much going on, it is best to tone them down and pair them with neutral colours. These pinky nude sandals work perfectly as the wooden heal; the main feature of the sandals ensures the floral print is balanced but still in harmony with my feminine style. Any neutral colour would be just as gorgeous to compliment the floral pattern and what’s more they are usually wardrobe staples so no extra shopping is needed.

Any dress with any pattern on it tend to be showstoppers all on their own, so it can be a challenge to know what accessories to choose. You don’t want to add to the look and not distract from it but if you really want to capture the floral trend for summer, add even more florals but in a subtle, tasteful manner. I’ve chosen to add my rose gold mesh watch from Olivia Burton with a lilac floral patterned face; when in doubt, add more florals.

To ensure the florals are the main attraction of the outfit, I’ve opted for a neutral tan bag which easily goes with every colour. A chloe dupe from Artisan Anything, one of my go to retailers for well made, quality handbags with a mimicked designer look. It adds that luxurious feel but at a fraction of the price.


What do you think of the floral dress and how would you wear it? I’d love to hear in the comments below! xoxo


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