4 ways to look after your hair on holiday

The Summer is most definitely my favourite season but what with the sun, the sea and the sand on holiday, your hair can go through a pretty rough time. We all desire those effortless beach waves when we’re away but the reality is often a frizzy head of dry hair resulting in a messy bun which we all want to forget about. Here are my top tips to combat our summer hair troubles.

Treat yourself to expert technology 

To keep my hair in its best possible condition while abroad, I always look to Panasonic and it’s expert hair dryers to keep my hair looking its best. The hot temperatures can dry your hair out a lot, including any sea salt, pool chlorine and air con, so its usually said to keep heated appliances to an absolute minimum. However, with Panasonic’s new rose gold hair dryer and its nanoe technology, your hair is left strong and healthy; no matter how much sun its had that day. Its nanoe technology means that your hair maintains approximately 1000 times more moisture than a regular hair dryer and therefore not only does your hair stay frizz free all day and all night long but it adds a gorgeous, luxurious shine to the hair which no other appliance or product that I’ve tried can give. It’s lavish aesthetic and portable features makes it super easy to have in your suitcase so you’ll never have to leave it behind.

Use a hair mask

Oh I do love to apply a good hair mask. Most of the time on holiday I will use one every other time and leave it in over night 2 or 3 times a week to give it an extra boost. It’s important to keep your hair looking healthy post holiday and it will give your hair time to recover. My go to hair mask is Garnier’s ultimate blends coconut milk dry hair treatment mask which is my summer saviour for nourished, soft and supple hair. It’s enriched with natural extracts of coconut milk and macadamia nut which is especially great for dry hair. After I’ve shampooed I will either leave it on for 10, 15 mins while I pamper the rest of my body or I will leave it in and tie my hair up and wash it out the next morning, depending on what I’m doing that evening. The difference to my split ends is instantly noticeable and the added glossiness is always much appreciated.

Choose the right brush 

I don’t know about you but my hair malts like you wouldn’t believe on a normal day so you can imagine just how much it malts when abroad. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be gentle with your hair on holiday. Since using Tangle Teezers Wet Detangler hair brush about a year ago I haven’t used anything else. It makes brushing your hair so easy, whether its wet and knotty or dry and knotty, the wet detangler is the perfect hair brush to have on stand by. It’s fitted with 325 unique teeth-like bristles which makes brushing a dream, no more painful pulling or snagging.

Protect your hair… and scalp

Laying in 35 degree heat all day feels amazing, but your hair and scalp might think differently which is why it is so important to wear a hat when in the sun. Not only does it prevent heat stroke, but it also prevents the sun from bleaching your hair and causing sun burn. Your scalp is the easier part of the body to burn, especially if you’re hair isn’t very thick. As well as wearing a hat, make sure you apply a nutrient rich hair oil in the morning before heading out to the beach or the pool. It will help to protect the ends of your hair from the sun, sea and chlorine. One of my favourites is L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil as its designed for all hair types so anyone can use it. It contains natural oils to protect the hair and instead of leaving the hair greasy, the oil leaves the hair looking healthy and moisturised which is what we all wish for on holiday.


What do you do to keep your hair in tip top condition whilst on holiday? 

Thank you to Panasonic for collaborating on this post. 


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