Winter Layering: How to stay stylish and keep warm

Winter Layering: How to stay stylish and keep warm

In the colder months, we are all bundled up just trying to keep warm but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise our style for warmth. Why can’t we have both? I love a chunky knit as the next girl but layering friendly fashion essentials are the building blocks of not only a solid, stylish wardrobe but also a warm one. Here are my favourite gotta have-em pieces that will get you through even the coldest of cold-weather seasons in the most fashionable way.

1. Must-Have Skinny Jeans
A pair of skinny jeans is the ultimate starting block for any wardrobe, opt for a pair in a classic denim shade or if you’re more into your neutrals like me a beige pair which still go with absolutely anything. Pull some fluffy socks over your jeans to keep your legs even toastier, add some OTK boots and you’ve instantly got yourself 3 layers in one. Heading ‘out-out’ then grab your jeans, your socks and a pair of stiletto boots and you’re ready to keep warm walking from pub to pub Friday night. If you’re feeling extra cold, throw some tights under those jeans, no one will ever know.

2. Must-Have Thermal
The key to not looking like Joey from Friends is to layer unexpected, slim-fitting pieces together and to start with the thinnest of them all. Introducing the thermal – you won’t catch me without one from November to March. This is a life saviour in the winter as not only does it keep the heat in but it also means you always have a base and therefore when you’re finally inside and over heat you can take the many layers off. If you are yet to purchase your favourite M&S thermal, layer your thinnest pieces over one another. Pop a turtleneck underneath a silk blouse with a chunkier knit over the top and you’ll stay just as warm.

3. Must-Have Cashmere Jumper
Nothing says winter like a cashmere jumper. I’ll let you in on a little secret most of of my cashmere jumpers are actually in fact cashmere blend which just means it isn’t 100% cashmere and you or anyone else for that matter would never know. They are just as soft, just as warm and 10 times more affordable. They are a wardrobe mainstay whether you cheat or not as they go with everything from your denim jeans, to your rust red corduroy skirt. If you only treat them as an essential then it is best to keep them in neutral colours so not only will they fo with your favourite multi-coloured leopard print skirt but it also keeps your look chic and looking a lot more expensive. Otherwise get them in a variety of colours and patterns and you’ve got yourself a winter uniform.

4. Must-Have Faux Fur Outerwear
Whether its a full on faux fur coat or just a faux fur cape like I’ve chosen, faux fur is a must have during the colder months. It’s the last thing that goes on which means its the first thing that everyone sees so you want it to be the best part of your outfit. These days faux fur looks incredibly luxurious so there is no reason not to wear it.The best bit? It is just like cosying up in your dressing gown but only a lot more stylish. With this cape from Coast in particular it’s thick enough with the faux fur to keep you warm but it is also thin enough to fit a gazillion layers underneath. Bonus!

5. Must-Have Pair of Over The Knee Boots
My love for a pair of over the knee boots has grown to an extraordinary level over the past few years. In my eyes they are the best footwear ever created. Find the right pair which are good quality, a good fit, a gorgeous colour and luxurious material and they last you years. This pair from Karen Millen is one of my favourites and they still look good as new. I wrote a blog post last year on why it is worth investing in a pair of OTK boots which I’ll link here but to summarise the right pair will make you feel a million dollars for years on end all whilst keeping your toes and yours legs toasty. You couldn’t ask more from a pair of shoes in my book.

What are you go-to pieces to survive the colder months whilst still looking your most stylish? 

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Cape by Coast

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