A New Year Resolution We Could All Take On Board

New years resolutions, they’re a funny one. We all say similar things we want to improve on and then by the end of January we’ve got back into our old ways once again, More over, they no longer mean what they once did, we don’t take them as seriously and more often than not, we all set ourselves resolutions which are far too unrealistic.

But instead of telling ourselves to get back to the gym or to spend more time at home, why not make a small resolution to yourself that would make a huge difference to everyone around you – the act of kindness.

The Act of Kindness

I’d argue that I’m being slightly hypocritical writing this as I”m probably the least willing person to be kind to strangers. I don’t like lots of people, I hate crowds, and strangers especially annoy me when out and about. However, I’ve witnessed a few things lately that have made me realise if we were all just a little bit kinder, we would all be a lot happier.

It’s such a simple concept but we often don’t even think about it when we are around people we don’t really know and yet we take it for granted in those we choose to surround ourselves with. More often than not, we think of kindness as this big gesture we need to make. But really just smiling at your waiter/waitress is enough to make their day a little bit easier. FYI I am totally guilty at getting far too angry at people when they do things wrong or they don’t do them quick enough. But really it’s not a life or death situation and I shouldn’t get all hett up over something that I don’t have any control over.

Everyone has time for Kindness

Unlike the typical resolutions which get written off a couple of months down the line, kindness is something that we all have the time to do because it literally doesn’t take any effort. It’s not something that we necessarily need to go out of our way to achieve as it’s not always going to be a top priority 24 hours a day but if something arises in which it’s possible for us to show a little bit of kindness, we should.

Just the other day a little girl was outside my window for a good half an hour looking around when I thought it looked as though she is looking for something, so we went out to ask her what she had lost. It turned out she was walking her rabbit and had accidentally dropped the lead (I’d never heard of walking a rabbit before either but there ya go) so we went out to go and help her find him.

This is a little bit more than just asking if someone is okay but we weren’t doing anything so why not? But just smiling to someone may pick them up when they’ve had a rubbish day or picking something up off the floor if they’ve dropped something. It’s the small things that really make a difference to our every day lives – and it’s something we are all guilty of not doing enough of.

More often than not, if you do ask someone if they need help, most of the time they will say no, I often say no if I’m carrying something heavy and someone offers to help me but when that does happen at least someone offered and tried to be kind. Even just offering will make me smile, so just think how actually doing something could impact someone, probably in more ways than we can imagine.

Kindness is Positive

In a world that has become so negative, it’s positive to be kind. How often have you been in a terrible mood, moaning about the smallest of things. Your bus was late, it’s cold outside, you’re super busy, but if someone just showed some kindness when you are feeling that little bit mopey, it automatically picks you up. It makes you feel 100 times more positive and you instantly forget the silly things you thought were bad.

Only a couple of weeks ago I started a new job and had been walking to the tube station a really long way and so it had been taking me a lot longer to get to the office. However, someone chose to show me a shortcut to the bus stop which cut 15 minutes off my journey. This tiny act of kindness helped me feel a lot more positive about my journey to and from work, they helped to make it a lot more convenient for me as this didn’t help anyone else but myself. And though this one act wasn’t going to solve all my problems, it’s a good thing that has happened which helped to lift me up and made my night and many more to come a lot easier.

It just shows how the smallest act of kindness can make people feel a lot more positive about themselves. If we all choose to do something nice each time it happened to us, positivity and kindness becomes contagious – making everyone happier.

Will you be taking up the act of kindness as your new year resolution? I’d love to read what you think in the comments below! xxx


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