Races Outfits: What To Wear

It’s prime time to head to the races and with that our inner thoughts are screaming ‘what do I wear’. From Ascot to Newmarket, there are lots of different races to attend but no matter what one you go to, it’s a given that us ladies love to dress up. Its’ what makes the races great! The men are excited about putting on a bet and winning (or losing), and the ladies are even more excited to get dressed up for the day!

However, is it just me or am I the only one who immediately thinks ‘well how dressed up do I go’? It’s the fear of being over dressed and not dressed up enough and I’m sure we have all experienced it multiple times. I know I have. When I used to feel like this I would panic and do a crazy last minute ASOS order but these days I think I have it figured out! The solution… the jumpsuit.

It’s been named the one piece wonder and for so many reasons! When in doubt, it’s the jumpsuit I turn too. Not so dressy that you feel out of place, but not dressy enough that you want to turn around and go home. It sits perfectly in the middle which means you can’t go wrong with it.

My personal favourite this summer has been the halter neck giovanna jumpsuit from Reiss. Immediately, it takes centre stage with its tuxedo inspired fit and double-breasted silhouette. I love wearing white in the summer, it shows off your gorgeous golden tan and for me it makes me feel 100% confident about myself. This design is backless which allows you to show off your shoulders and a little bit more skin than usual, it gives off that sex appeal that a lot of jumpsuits lack. If you are small chested like myself, the halter neck style is very flattering as it esentuates your bone structure.

A jumpsuit with a wide culotte style leg has been my go to for a while as it not only creates the illusion of longer legs but it gives your whole look a contemporary feel. I’ve styled this with my taupe stud block heel sandals from Linzi. These are the best dupes for the Valentino sandals which are 100 times more expensive, I have been wearing them non-stop. They come in lots of different colours but this taupe shade in particular not only goes with everything, but it also makes the sandals look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

Here are some of my favourite jumpsuits I’ve found that would be perfect for the races this summer!

Happy Shopping!


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