Hi, I’m April and AprilsLondonStyleDiary.com is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog made for the twenty to thirty something old who is aesthetically obsessed! This is my corner of the internet where I can let you in on all my style tips, what’s on my wish lists, what I’m buying and maybe even what I’m not buying. If I was to sum up my style in just a couple of words, I would call it effortless femininity as I’m all about easy colour palettes, pretty prints and anything which means you can throw on and go. 

So who am I. In a snapshot, I am 26, I live in London, I work in social media for a fashion brand, I like biscuits (any and all of them), I studied Journalism at university, I am obsessed with my (very handsome) miniature dachshund Rex, and I love getting creative. 

I have loved fashion my entire life, one of my favourite memories is spending Saturdays going shopping with my Mum and coming home on the bus with so many bags we had to keep switching because they were so heavy. I love putting different outfits together and I love mixing affordable fashion with a more premium one. Dupe hunting as they call it is definitely one of my special talents. As I’ve got older my style and taste is definitely changing, its no longer about getting as many items as possible but instead 1 really great item that Is going to last the test of time and that Im going to wear again and again. I’m so glad that you found me and I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet. April xx