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Finally, spring has sprung! Hooraay! Gone are the miserable mornings, dark clothing and heavy coats; and instead we can welcome the sunshine (when it decides to appear) and colour! Lots and lots of colour! Well I say lots, I’m not too daring when it comes to my colour palette, but I do like to inject a little colour into my wardrobe now and again.

I was first looking for a bright pair of shoes when I saw that Lydia Millen had picked up a pair of brightly coloured Manolo Blahnik shoes (and many more since then). Unfortunately, those are totally out of my price range :(, but I loved how the colour really turned a simple outfit, into something fresh and exciting.

The statement shoe is a perfect way to introduce some colour if like me, you tend to wear quite neutral clothing; and there is nothing like wearing a bold statement shoe to spruce up a relatively boring outfit. It’s a subtle way to play around with fashion, and isn’t that what fashion should be; fun!

When I saw these River Island beauties, I asked myself if I was going to wear them? Not like the other 100 pieces which sit in my wardrobe! However, for £25, I couldn’t not pick them up!

I’m so glad I did because since I bought them I have had so many nice compliments every time I wear them. Here, I’ve styled them with my Oasis Isabella cropped jeans, a River Island white fluted blouse, a dusty pink suede jacket and a glitter cross body bag which really takes the outfit from day to night; I’ve also worn them with floral dresses, tailored trousers and denim skirts. They are super versatile!

The closed toe is just a perfect addition, especially since it rains (a lot in the UK) during spring summer, and you never want to be caught out with wet toes! Oh and not forgetting they tick off the Mule trend nicely (which I’m totally obsessed with), killing two trends in one!

The best thing? No Blisters!! I’m kidding, well they really didn’t give me any blisters (compared to other new shoes, the downside to new new shoes ey) but they go with every outfit I own! Bonus!


I’m sure you’ll be seeing these plenty on my Instagram feed, as they are not going anywhere.

What do you think about the statement shoe this Spring? Let me know if you love it as much as me and if you’d like me to style them another way!?
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White Fluted Blouse by River Island 

Pink Suede Jacket by Miss Selfridge

Isabella Jeans by Oasis

Bag by River Island 

Pink Suede Mule Shoes by River Island  


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