Dressing Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Dressing outside of our comfort zone can be scary and because of that feeling we hardly ever indulge in it! We are creatures of habit and truly stick to what we know and love! We aren’t sure what people will make of our new fashion decisions, and we would never want to draw unneccesary attention to ourselves!

Nevertheless, at the same time change can be really exciting! It can make you feel great about yourself, boosting your confidence and self esteem! Especially when anyone notices, your mum, a friend, even a stranger, it makes you feel fab-u-lous!!!

I am just the same as all of you I am sure, though if you do regularly step outside your comfort zone, bravo to you!! However, many who I know do not! The smallest things can make a difference; and sometimes it is better to start off with something small, just so it doesn’t put you off from doing something even bigger and better next time.


First of all, something as simple as choosing a colour that you wouldn’t usually go for can be huge! Since I have fair skin and hair, I tend to gravitate towards the pastel spectrum of colours. This is what I feel most comfortable in, but it also makes me look and feel the same as I always do.

As soon as I saw this Miss Selfridge dress, I was mesmerized and it stopped me in my tracks! I knew straight away that it wasn’t very me because of the navy blue colour, but there was something about it that made me pick it up! I’d been looking for a long sleeve Bardot dress for a while, I dilly dallied for about half an hour before deciding that a colour that I don’t usually go for, shouldn’t put me off from buying a beautiful dress.

Sometimes in conversation, people will say a certain colour doesn’t suit you, but you shouldn’t take that as truth because it depends on so many other factors – Not just the colour. Be adventourous and explore what looks good on you as an individual!

This leads on to my next point; be adventurous and please try it on!! Rummage through the clothes rails, and pick something that you like but aren’t too sure about, don’t just put it back, TRY IT ON!! I know, I know, a lot of us are too busy to stand in line and wait for a cubicle, but at least go home and order it online to try on at home!

Trying something on makes so much difference, not because somethings look totally different and worse on the hanger, but because everything looks different on everyone; and so you just never know. I love this Miss Selfridge dress and am really glad I went for it! Even if it did take me a long time to decide!

It just goes to show that you may be pleasantly surprised by trying something new and stepping outside of your comfort zone and just sometimes, it pays off!

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