5 Ways To Dress Stylish But Comfortable

It’s a love hate relationship between wanting to be comfortable but stylish.

At some point, we have all had or in most cases still have a love hate relationship with wanting to look fashionable but at the same time comfortable!

Some of us are prepared to sacrifice comfort to look nice and others routinely stick to comfort and ease when getting dressed in the morning; But guys, its 2017! Who says we can’t have both!? The high-street certainly doesn’t as it provides day after day comfortable but ‘on-trend’ clothing. You just have to know what to look out for!

1. Looser/Oversized Clothing

Theres a perception that all clothes have to be tight fitting but its not a definitive rule!! Play around and experiment with different shapes and styles!! This dress from Zara for example skims straight down my body. You could argue and say its too big but its a swing dress and has been designed to sit like this! Plus you can eat your entire body weight in pasta and no one will be the wiser!

Oversized clothing can some times look quite masculine but you can avoid this by using simple accessories! A delicate piece of jewellery like this Pandora Hearts of Hearts necklace is so subtle and soft but by adding this piece it instantly creates femininity.

2. Choosing the Right Material

The fabric you opt for when choosing an item can make so much difference!! A stretchy jersey material is always my go to when I’m shopping for comfort! Not only is it soft and nice against the skin but its light as well This dress is quite a thick jersey material which suits me as I get cold a lot!! Other fabrics like linen are great for the summer as it is the lightest of them all and has sweat absorbing properties in so will make your day that little bit easier!

3. Stick to Flats or Low Chunky Block Heels

We are living in a golden age of comfy dressing!! As comfort becomes cool, flat shoes are being taken seriously in the fashion stakes!! Thanks to Victoria Beckham who swapped her sky scraper shoes for brogues or mules, flat shoes are totally chic! Mules have recently become the shoe of the season, having been compared as comfy as slippers but the backless beauties don’t come without its dramas! Running for the bus in them can be quite a challenge as there is nothing to hold your foot in them and with a low block heel mule,  it may take you a while to be able to walk in them like a normal human being, as they don’t provide you with much ankle support! Nevertheless, once you’ve gotten over that, they can help you pull off almost anything!!

4. Avoid Embellishment

Beads, buttons and sequins can make you go from looking put together and comfy to just being plain scruffy as they can fall off so easily and can be quite itchy! I love simple embellishment but personally prefer quite plain clothing as not only does everything go together but it minimises my clothing decisions in the morning! Instead I opt for embellished accessories like this Carvella bag here! It has very minimal pearls on which adds a little bit more detail to the overall outfit and wont be affecting your comfort! If that’s too boring for you and you need something more to jazz your outfit up, wear a bright colour or a simple print; stripes and polka dots look stylish whatever!

5. A Suede or Leather Jacket

Whether its faux or real, a suede or leather jacket can be thrown over the top of anything!! I used to live in my leather jacket, it could dress up any outfit or casual any outfit down and I would be comfortable! These days I am all about the suede jacket, faux suede mind you but when it looks this good, does it really matter! This one is in a pastel pink colour which adds soft ‘biker’ glamour to any summer outfit! Similarly, choose one in a darker colour for a more autumnal, wintery feel!


What are your top tips for staying stylish and comfy! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



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