How To Find The Perfect Summer Dress

Finding the perfect dress can be a nightmare…

Searching for a summer dress, whether it’s for a summer day in the city, a summer bbq or a summer wedding, can be stressful! Especially since the weather in the UK isn’t always on our side and us Brits like to be prepared for whatever is coming our way. You name it, whether it be July or November, I will have an umbrella in my bag! That means there is a limited time frame in which you wear your summer dress (or in my case summer dresses) so the sooner you can find it, the better.

It’s my favourite time of year when it’s warm enough to bare your shoulders; you can forget to wear a jacket in the evenings and only sandals will do. Your summer dress should make you feel AH-MAAZ-ING, a lighter and more care-free version of yourself, the holiday you. In the summer all you need is a dress and shoes, and you’re good to go! Without further ado, here are my top 5 tips for finding your perfect summer dress!

1. Don’t go by a trend

Ideally you should want to whip out your summer dress with glee year after year, so don’t buy one based on the hottest trend that year. The fashion scene changes SO much, who knows if it will still be in style in 2 or 3 years’ time! When out shopping, you want to choose a dress that emulates your own style, but keep in mind that you also want it to be classic and timeless. Flute sleeves are huge this summer but if you personally feel like a clown (I definitely did at the beginning), forget about them! Trends are to be experimented and played with, not to be obeyed!

2. It can be whatever length you want it to be

Contrary to popular belief, your summer dress does not have to bare all! In the UK, as soon as the sun is out, there is a tendency for us Brits to take as many clothes off as possible and sunbathe in the park! Your summer dress does not have to show off your behind or your boobs if you don’t want it too! A lot of high-street dresses are so short but that is just not me! I feel paranoid and conscious that people are starring as I walk by and I find myself pulling my dress down 24/7! These dresses I have found are all below the knee, cover you up a certain amount but are still stylish. I’ve heard some say that if it has a sleeve it isn’t summery but what nonsense! A sleeve is not only practical for when the sun goes in (yes I also think of practicality when choosing a summer dress) but there is also something dreamy about a billowing sleeve wafting around your arms.

3. Shape is everything

In unforgiving sweaty situations shape is key! You want to avoid anything too clingy, especially in the city and on the tube as you will just feel like you’ve got in a shower with your beautiful dress on! Though on the other hand, you don’t want it to be too baggy either. If your dress is too baggy, it wont be versatile enough for all of your summer occasions and we don’t want that now! As you can see in the photos, I have chosen two dresses which are a little looser but still fit and have used a belt to provide me with a little more shape at the waist. As my dresses are so statement I have gone for a nude plain belt but if you veer towards plain dresses, you could definitely experiment with a striped one perhaps.

4. Know your most flattering features

Now only you know this as it depends on your body type. Those who are 6ft tall with long sought after limbs can get away with mostly anything that the highstreet has to offer. High-waisted shapes are a great style for those with hips and boobs as it can balance out your proportions, slimming down your hips. As can cap sleeves, they can help to reduce the size of your boobs to the eye, a spaghetti strap can emphasize them as there is less material so choose the style you are most comfortable with and that allows you to own your best features. I have chosen dresses with a V neck as this offers instant body length, a great tip for any short gals like me out there.

5.When you know you know

Last but not least, putting on a summer dress should make you feel the best version of your self and make you want to scream with excitement as soon as you try it on! There is no better feeling than finding a dress you look great in! Even if you try a dress on a whim but think I have no where to wear it to, don’t let that stop you! The amount of times I am invited somewhere and then regret not buying that amazing dress last month when I saw it! You will dig into your wardrobe for it so much if you just feel good in it! When you know, you know right!

Like waiting for the perfect sunset, there is the perfect summer dress out there on the highstreet somewhere, just waiting for you to walk in and grab it. It’s all about trial and error and theres no better time than the present.



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