5 Reasons To Invest In OTK Boots For Autumn Winter

5 Reasons to invest in OTK Boots 

If you haven’t got a pair of over the knee boots (OTK for short) then why on earth not!? I invested in this tan pair from Karen Millen last year and they are hands down the best investment I have ever made!

Like me, you’ll most likely be weary of spending so much money on one item and you’ll want to do your research ahead of making that big purchase. It’s important to not rush into it because at the end of the day you need to LOVE the investment your making! After starring at this pair for over a year I finally took the plunge and I am so glad I did. Not only do they allow me to wear dresses in the cooler temperatures but still keep my legs warm, they make me feel kinda edgy but girly at the same time! Its weird I know; but they have the ability to just make any outfit look fabulous no matter what.

If you need a little bit more persuading then keep on reading for my top 5 reasons.

1. They last year after year

When you spend a lot of money on one item,  you are going to want to wear them year after year so need to be sure they will stand the test of time. The OTK boot is quickly becoming the shoe of the decade so there’s no doubt that you can rely on the fact that over the knee boots will be in style next Winter, the Winter after that and the Winter after that! When you are investing in a pair of boots from premium retailers such as Karen Millen, Reiss, or Whistles you can be sure that the quality is second to none which means you don’t have to worry about them falling apart. Nevertheless, you can help them  stay in good shape for even longer with a suede protector.

2. They’re the stylish and warmest way to transform any outfit

We all strive to look the best we can possibly be but as Winter approaches, its even harder and the colder weather challenges our street style on a daily basis. That’s where a pair of OTK boots come in because they instantly up your style game; taking your summer floral dresses straight through to winter but magically keeping your legs nice and toasty! I’m not one for the cold, so I would never wear this Autumnal check skirt without a pair of OTK boots; I would freeze to death! A pair of OTK boots allows you to wear more than just jeans for the rest of Winter – and that’s something I can definitely get on board with.

3. They add a touch of luxe to any wardrobe

Forget Julia Roberts because we are not talking about the wet leather stiletto OTK boots she wore in Pretty Woman! We’ve come a long way since then; with a touch of suede and a block heel, the OTK boots has had a sophisticated make over. So much that this type of over the knee boot instantly adds that touch of elegance and luxury you’ve been after to any outfit. This means you don’t really have to think about making the rest of your outfit look nice because the boots will do this for you! Throw on jeans and a cosy jumper and you’ve straight away got yourself a smart casual #ootd that will definitely get noticed.

4. The most versatile boot

If you are concerned about what to wear OTK boots with, don’t be, because in all seriousness they go with anything and everything! From jeans, to leggings – skirts, midi/maxi dresses to short dresses, the list is endless. The key thing to remember when styling them is balance and proportions. For example  pair your boots with a chunky over sized jumper dress which will balance out the audaciousness the boots often carry with them. Similarly, if your wearing a short skirt and OTK boots, use layers such as an oversized jumper or a coat to keep things casual.

5. The cost per wear easily makes them worth it

I didn’t used to be concerned by the cost per wear of something but when you think about it, it makes absolute sense! When the cost per wear formula is adopted not only is it life changing but it can be a little bit dangerous too. Its basically taking the total cost of an item and dividing it by the number of days you’ll wear it which should total to a small amount – ideally! Some say it’s just a ‘justification mechanism’ but in all honestly it does make you consider the longevity of your purchases and it steers you away from buying cheap, disposable rubbish that will spend most of its life crumpled in a draw. A win win right!? If it makes that investment a little bit easier, I am all for it!

What do you think of OTK boots!? Will you be taking the plunge this Autumn Winter?

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