The Bag To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist This Year

The Bag You’ll Want to Put on Your Christmas Wish List this Year 

When it comes to designer items in my wardrobe, I have an extremely small handful. Having just graduated, I’ve not been in the position to grow my designer collection. Sadly bills and food have to come first – I’m sure many of you share my pain!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you will know that I have a thing for seeking out luxury dupes. Don’t get me wrong, in my dream world I would buy the real deal every single time however that just isn’t possible and so I look to the highstreet which are increasingly offering luxury bags at a fraction of the price.

There are some who deem ‘dupes’ to be bad for the fashion industry due to the copying nature it entails however they aren’t exact replicas and they don’t claim to be a designer bag. They allow the masses to be apart of something a lot bigger and let us feel good about ourselves.

So you Want a Luxury Bag?
An attainable price point is something that’s important to us millennial savvy shoppers but we still want something that still looks and feels very high end.  It’s demanding but with this in mind, I look to Artisan Anything for their incredible selection of luxury yet affordable dupes. A Chloe Nile bracelet bag has been at the top of my wish list for a very long time, there’s something about the beautiful and stimulating feeling of adding a designer bag to complete your #ootd that is hard to put into words, but you can experience this exact same feeling by purchasing a very similar design with the same high quality craftsmanship which is exactly what Artisan Anything offers.

The initial collection features around 10 different designs, each one matching it’s designer counterpart to a tee yet every single one is an eighth of the price. Could it get any better?  Based in Canada, Artisan Anything wanted to share their obsession with beautiful leather bags with the average person because why should we have to sacrifice blood, sweat and tears for great style.

The Chelsea Saddle Leather Crossbody bag in Caramel has been designed with both functionality and style in mind. Large enough to fit all of your essentials – your phone, purse, keys and I can even fit a make up bag filled with bits and bobs in mine, yet small enough to not get in your way when out and about. Not only is each bag handmade, but the soft buttery leather has that weighty feel you would expect with its designer counterpart and so the the bag flap snaps straight back into place which just shows the leather is of the highest quality. I’ve been wearing my Chelsea bag for a couple of months now and it doesn’t get the most smoothest of rides especially running to squeeze on the tube or getting bashed into the side of things but it has not even got one scratch or mark on it.

The exquisite craftsmanship and detail that has gone into these bags makes them the most amazing value for money. I would even go as far to say that I think they are worth buying instead of purchasing second tier designer bags like Rebecca Minkoff where I still don’t think the quality of the leather is as good.

As a girl with countless numbers of accessories and not much space, when choosing a new bag I look for one with longevity, practicality, distinctiveness and a personal connection – not just another bag and that’s exactly what you get with the Chelsea Saddle bag. I love the versatility it offers in regards to the occasions it can be used for. Opt to hold the bag as a clutch by using the ring for ultra elegance or use the shoulder strap for its full practical uses as it not only means both hands are free but it tones an outfit down a notch.


 In a world full of ever developing trends, it’s important to have solid pieces that will be go with everything. The neutral and wearable shade of the Chelsea bag is exactly that as it goes with my whole wardrobe. I love a neutral colour palette but here I’ve decided to mix the bag with darker colours as the colour of the chelsea bag makes more of a statement as it is bolder than your usual caramel shade yet it’s able to soften the entire outfit.

I’ve paired it with my current favourite pair of faux leather burgundy jeans – not only the ‘it’ colour of the season but a chic essential for Winter. As well as a cream jumper with some festive embellishment and a classic camel coat for warmth and extra style points. I’ve paired the burgundy jeans with the same colour heels which elongates the leg creating a feminine silhouette.

The chelsea saddle bag dramatically elevates the look as not only does it bring out the colours of the outfit but it also takes it to the next level as it creates that high end feel we all crave.

Artisan Anything are a relatively new brand so are constantly developing and adding more bags to their website as they build and grow so keep an eye out here for their new designs. Though the brand is based in Canada I had no problems with delivery. Not only is shipping already included worldwide, it will take around 2-3 weeks depending on where you are in the world. Not bad ey! Oh and if you use my discount code APRIL15 you can get an extra 15% off making it even more affordable. Now I realise that some of you might not think £100 is reasonable but when you consider it’s designer counterpart which is ten times more expensive it actually is more affordable than what you think.

What do you think of the Artisan Anything luxury designs? Will you be putting any on your wishlist or treating someone this Christmas?


Thank you to Artisan Anything for Collaborating on this post! 

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