Healthy Eating Made Easy – No Matter How Busy You Are

Healthy Eating Is Just Impossible When You Are So Busy…

This is the statement I hear all the time from so many of my friends and for such a long time I was even saying it. However, if you put your mind to it, is it really that impossible. Many start the new year with a new year resolution vowing to eat healthier during the year ahead and by February that’s gone straight out the window thanks to all of our busy lifestyles. I am no exception, I’m pretty sure I’ve said this year after year but 2018 is different, it was the year I decided it was actually going to happen.

If like me you leave the house at half 7 in the morning and don’t return till 7 in the evening (thanks to the glamorous London commute) you genuinely don’t have time for anything remotely healthy when you get in because you aren’t even at home to prepare the meals let alone cook them. And I don’t even want to hear about meal prepping at the weekends because it’s the only time I get to do things for me let alone sit down. If this sounds familiar then you’re probably thinking, ‘yep, thats why kievs, pasta, chicken nuggets, and pizza are all my best friends’. With no work involved and very little time at all they seem the perfect solution to satisfy an empty stomach- but what if I said, that you can now get nutritious, healthy frozen meals delivered to your door – have I got your attention?

Introducing Everdine, a healthy and nutritious food delivery service which will ensure you maintain your busy but healthy lifestyle for as long as you wish. Forget stereotypical microwavable meals that are full of hidden sugars and calories, these are delicious meals made from scratch full of macro and micro nutrient goodness.

At first I was a little skeptical; I was convinced I probably wouldn’t like any of them since I am on the fussier scale of trying new foods and could it really be that easy? Well nothing could be further from the truth, you simply choose the meals you want for the week ahead from the website, choose a delivery date that suits you (weekends included), pop them in the freezer and put one or two either in the microwave or oven. That’s all there is to it would you believe!

The first meal we decided to try was the shredded hoisin duck with wholewheat noodles – Served in a rich cherry hoisin sauce, the sweetness is balanced by earthy wilted greens and vibrant vegetables.

It was one of the most delicious meals I have had in a long time – full of flavour and I could really tell I was eating a home cooked meal full of fresh ingredients. The best part? I didn’t have to put any thought into the meal but I knew it was going to be healthy.

With only 550 calories, the shredded duck is my favourite so far, it’s a great and much better alternative to a chinese takeaway, probably even quicker, definitely more affordable, and is just like eating your own meals you’ve prepared and stored in the freezer, but a lot less hassle – perfect for people like me who are constantly on the go but are doing their best to live a healthier lifestyle.

However delicious or healthy, you may be thinking, are the award winning meals really sustainable forever? For me, I am all about eating a balanced diet – yes I want to live a healthy life-style but I am too much of a chocoholic to give up any of my favourite sweet treats. That’s why these nutritious meals are perfect for Monday to Friday – they allow you to maintain a busy lifestyle in the week and then treat yourself to your favourite pizza and dessert at the weekend!

What about price? I spend on average £180 a month on food (for two people) and if you were to buy 5 Everdine meals per week it would cost around £110 – that either saves me £70 or leaves me with that much to spend on other pieces for the weekends. So your in fact saving money whilst gaining a healthier lifestyle. What could be better!

One week later and I’ve now tried the Shredded Duck, the Mediterranean Hake with Potatoes & Feta, the Thai Green Curry, and the fajitas, and I don’t have one bad word to say about any of them – all have been just as delicious as the last one. All the meals are designed to not only satisfy your hunger but to fill you up – which is one of the most important things as it stops me from running to the snack draw for some chocolate biscuits an hour later. With Everdine you’re always stocked up on feel-great food that lifts you up, it’s the perfect solution to anyone busier than life itself.

What do you think about healthy and nutritious food being delivered straight to your door? Would Everdine make healthy eating easier for you? I know they certainly have for me, once you try Everdine, you never go back! Head to their website to find out more!


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