Why I Started Youtube…

Why I started YouTube…

Ah it’s the dreaded word… or rather it was! Since Christmas I’ve been constantly asked if I had a YouTube channel or when I was going to start and it’s not that I didn’t want to but there were so many reasons! I didn’t have any of the equipment and by that I mean a camera and a tripod, I didn’t know what to film, I hated my voice and I guess I was worried about being compared to others; so what changed?

Throughout the past 8 months, I have really found myself in terms of my style, my blog, its design and content. We (my boyfriend and I) bought our first home together in January, I started my first ‘proper’ job in marketing/social media in February and so there have been lots of firsts which has meant everything has just been coming together nicely. So last month it felt like the right time to finally sit down and create a YouTube channel for Aprils London Style Diary.

Being compared to other bloggers with very similar styles was something I was afraid of. I didn’t want it to look like I was taking inspiration from them or even worse straight up copying them; especially since I’ve had people online message me before saying to be more myself – but I’ve thought a lot about this and if I was to change my style and say I liked wearing trainers with pleated skirts, I wouldn’t be being myself. It’s not my fault I’ve got a similar style to others – we all have similarities in someway or another but I think it’s just how we present it that can make it feel different. Once I’d had this realisation that there really is nothing I can do because I’m not going to change who I am to be different (because we are all different in our own way anyway), then I felt more content to start YouTube than I had ever done before.

For me, creating my blog and getting into the swing of taking photos of all my outfits was a scary thing to do but starting YouTube? That was a whole other level… I could easily say that the one piece advice I could give which you’ve probably heard a million times if you are thinking about starting YouTube is to just start. So many people told me to just start creating content that I would want to watch and to not worry about anything else, don’t worry about the numbers just enjoy what you are creating. But really I think you need to be happy with where you are in your life to start something like YouTube. You’ve got to not care if a few people don’t like it and decide to give you a thumbs down, you’ve got to not care if you don’t get 500 views straight away, as long as you are enjoying the whole process from start to finish then that’s all that matters. When you feel like you’re in that space, just go for it! and you’ll enjoy it all the more for it. I definitely am…

But why have I started YouTube in the first place? I think more than anything I wanted to create a channel so I could start editing again as I haven’t really done it since studying Journalism at uni and that is one thing I’ve really missed doing. Also so I could share more of my style and just me in general with you, in a much easier way. If I go shopping and want to show you what I picked up, I can’t really do a blog post on it and sure, I can do it over Instagram stories but it’s not quite the same. Similarly with getting to know me, sure you can read a blog post about me but its not the same as sitting down to watch someone, hear them talk and follow them around the house. I want to create a more personal connection with everyone that follows me and YouTube is definitely the best place to do that.¬†If you haven’t checked out my channel yet I’d love for you to take a look and subscribe!¬†

What do you think about starting YouTube? Do you have any tips? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

What I’m Wearing

Dress by Miss Selfridge 

Shoes by ASH

Bag by Topshop


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