Hello! I’m April and April’s London Style Diary, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog has been my baby for the past two years. It all started in my final year at university to get me through my dissertation focusing on the very serious topic of women in politics. I bet you didn’t expect that one; don’t worry most people don’t, ha! I loved fashion and from studying Journalism I loved writing but I never realised how much I loved to be creative with it all until I created an outlet and started experimenting.

In the past two years, April’s London Style Diary has gradually improved over time and I would definitely say it has evolved with me as I have grown as a person. If you are a long time reader you would have noticed some changes around here, well a whole lot of changes as I have completely redesigned the entire site. I felt as though I needed a blog design that reflected me as I grow up.

At present day, I am pouring my heart onto the pages of this blog, giving you all of my best style tips, putting all my effort into styling amazing but wearable outfits, creating fun and engaging content and giving you a snapshot of my daily life. I guess that’s it in a nut shell.

April’s London Style Diary is designed for the aesthetically obsessed twenty something girl who literally is obsessed and cannot get enough of style, whether that may be in regards to fashion, beauty, interior, food – the list goes on. The London based blog aims to emphasise attainable and inspirational details with a special focus on the subjects of fashion, beauty and travel. I have a huge passion for all things fashion (ooh a cliche rhyme) and I want to inspire girls in the hope to aspire to something bigger and better to elevate their every day lives.

If there is anything you would like to know, any thing you want to see more or less of, or even just to say hi, drop me an email at aprilclayton@hotmail.co.uk.